decaf coffee, can you (the reader, not the decaf) answer my question?

I have tried decaf coffee once, it was such a dilute coffee did not like at all, there is no thing compare to real coffee in the morning real coffee smell…. and remember that caffeine make you a wake and happy !!!

The Honking Goose

Can I ask all you decaf coffee drinkers out there to offer your opinion?

I never used to drink coffee. The caffeine has a strong effect on me and I can feel my heart pound if I have too much. I started drinking coffee two years ago because I quit smoking pot and I needed a ritual to replace it. Now I love the taste of coffee and I love the heat. I prefer dark roast. And I take it black, no sugar. I’ve tried drinking tea instead and I just don’t like it half as much. I like the taste of really, really strong coffee, so I make it strong and just have half a cup. Usually just once a day in the morning.

However, I certainly don’t need the caffeine. I just like the flavor and the ritual of preparing it and holding the warm cup in my…

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hungry people are angry people

That is 100% true, and I am one of those people!! the first thing to think about if I act crazy is feed my self…I think its the low level of blood sugar in the body that the body cannot deal with it and act like agitate the thing that make a sign for our brain that food is needed to balance blood sugar,,, may be but once we eat we relax and feel better explain this.

The Honking Goose

Have you ever noticed how cranky your kids get when they are hungry? If my kids are acting unhappy, the first thing I will try to do is feed them. That fixes the problem about 90% of the time. (That shows you how good my kids have it – they usually don’t have any good reason to be upset.)

red angry worm with sharp teeth holding fork and knife

I am the same way. If I’m especially grumpy for no good reason, it’s probably because I was busy and skipped a meal. Because I have dealt with it so many times with my kids, I finally noticed that I would do the exact same thing.

Which leads me to my conclusion that angry people are hungry people.

There are millions of people in this country alone that eat a totally crap diet of over-processed pseudo-food laden with artificial flavors, sugar, and corn or soy fillers. Food that is remarkably devoid…

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Dear uncle, good buy

Last night when I was chatting with my cousin on the phone, she told me that my uncle is dying….and ask me to pray for him.

At that time I could not say any thing, how can some one we love just leave us so quick!!! I was talking to my self and thinking what if I was there … is that all what I can do is pray. I wish I was there but hundred and hundred of kilometres away from him. Dear uncle I wish you can hear me and listen to my pray, see you for last time and kiss you. I know you will be sleep in peace, but I going to miss you so much.

Dear uncle good buy, to all lovely moments that we spent together, good buy to all wonderful places that we went to it together. You really left us, but your dedication, patience and generosity will last in our hearts for ever.

3 weeks left!!!

Last weekend, when I was checking my next week assignments, I was really shocked thats only 3 week left to finish first trimester of my master!!! Indeed, I don’t know why I have had bitter feeling since then.
I  have tried to find a reasonable answer for my cheerless feeling for the last days… then I found it!!!
As much as feeling of happiness that soon I will achieve my dream goal and get my master degree, as much as feeling sadness leaving mu GCU court, lecturers, colleagues, library, coffee corners and much much more of deep feelings that all what I have learned at GCU is valuable aspects that cannot be written at this blog…..

A Letter to New Mothers

Nice post, good to share especially for new mothers. Being a mother is really challenging thing.

The Interior Life

I’ve got several friends who are expecting, or have recently welcomed, their first babies this year. Whenever I think of them, I have an instant flashback to my first week home with Claire, which is blurred at the edges with the ungodly sleep deprivation that comes with the gift of parenthood.

I would not say that I handled the adjustment well. I remember my mother-in-law calling me “unflappable,” and my own mother saying how wonderfully laid back I seemed, but this was either a great ruse on my part or it was simply their interpretation of what I remember as a feeling of utter overwhelm.

After talking with two friends this week who now live farther away from me than I would like, I was also reminded of the blessed kindness extended to me as a new mother. These two women – one, the mother of two, and the other…

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“He Has Aspergers” and Everything Else I Never Wanted To Hear About My Son

What a nice post, I can feel how rich you heart with love and power. You boy is very lucky to have you…

A Buick in the Land of Lexus


Do you hear that?

Come closer.

That’s the sound of my heart breaking.

My son has always loved the ocean. His eyes are the color of the sea, changing from blue to green with the swell of the tide.  And my love for him is an ocean, an overwhelming force which is sometimes calm and steady, and other times full of conflict.

A mother’s love is like the continuous miracle of the sea. It begins in the ocean of your womb – but there is something unsettling about the way your baby kicks. So fiercely you feel bruised on the inside.

There is something willful and stubborn about his refusal to come out. He arrives weeks late, and even then – after almost 40 hours of labor.

Your baby is overwhelming and mysterious and brutal, like the ocean. He screams uncontrollably for hours a day, every day. And you bring him to…

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My Totally Not Serious Pregnancy Scare (and the overblown feelings that followed)

I remember I saw this on TV. That time I had no idea what was the real story of that wall, but what I have seen is the happiness of the people. I felt happy for them too.


There was never an actual moment where I might have been pregnant.


I was basically 24 hours late. My body was doing kind of pre-period stuff, but it wasn’t happening in full force. I know that your body changes over time and reacts to what’s happening in your life now and that one day late isn’t cause for alarm. The thing is, I haven’t been late since I started the pill, years ago. So I just had the briefest of thoughts yesterday morning: man, it’d be real crazy if I were pregnant. I didn’t panic, or obsess. It wasn’t a real possibility.


But once I thought it, I couldn’t un-think it.

I didn’t tell my partner because it wasn’t a situation, it was just a thought. And probably also because we are both excited to make a new human one day in the future and I didn’t wanna burden him with this brief and…

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Irish Bakewell Buns

Nice I cannot wait till Christmas time and cook one of them. Thanks for sharing



Growing up in Canada, I’d never really heard of bakewell tarts until a few years ago.

In fact, since I moved to Ireland almost exactly 1.5 years ago, I’ve been introduced to a whole slew of new things (I’m sure you’re shocked to hear that).


Some things I’ve learned:

1. Sliced Pan = sliced bread

2. Potato chips are crisps. Most of you know that. But did you know crisps can be a sandwich filling? And, in fact, all you would need for this sandwich are crisps, sliced pan and butter? Did you know that was a thing? I didn’t.

3. When someone asks you if you want salad with your sandwich at a cafe and you say yes, you generally get several kinds of mayo-laden potatoes and coleslaws. Gotta say, I don’t always mind. I really like mayo.

4. What we think is breakfast in Canada is a piece…

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