presentation day

Last Thursday was first time for me to present in my master program, it was about fat soluble Vitamins. Although I have presented many times at work, but it was a new experience to me to present and been evaluated and marked on it. Initially, I was a bit anxious about my way in present and how to pass the main goal of my presentation to the audience. However, I decided that I should forget about the marking thing and try to convert my anxiety feeling to optimistic feeling. Then I found that if may objective is to pass my point of view to the audience, all my anxiety will then disappear. I felt after I finished my presentation, that all my hard work and researches were truly worth it. I have no idea about my final mark, but I was very happy about how I was able to convert my feelings into a positive way. Finally, I hope that my tutors as well the audience enjoy and get benefit of my presentation.


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