hungry people are angry people

That is 100% true, and I am one of those people!! the first thing to think about if I act crazy is feed my self…I think its the low level of blood sugar in the body that the body cannot deal with it and act like agitate the thing that make a sign for our brain that food is needed to balance blood sugar,,, may be but once we eat we relax and feel better explain this.

The Honking Goose

Have you ever noticed how cranky your kids get when they are hungry? If my kids are acting unhappy, the first thing I will try to do is feed them. That fixes the problem about 90% of the time. (That shows you how good my kids have it – they usually don’t have any good reason to be upset.)

red angry worm with sharp teeth holding fork and knife

I am the same way. If I’m especially grumpy for no good reason, it’s probably because I was busy and skipped a meal. Because I have dealt with it so many times with my kids, I finally noticed that I would do the exact same thing.

Which leads me to my conclusion that angry people are hungry people.

There are millions of people in this country alone that eat a totally crap diet of over-processed pseudo-food laden with artificial flavors, sugar, and corn or soy fillers. Food that is remarkably devoid…

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