Words Not To Say In Front Of My Kids

Nice post thanks for sharing. Hope we won’t lose our language by time

Dysfunctional Literacy

I tell my kids they can think anything they want, but there are some things they'd better not say. (image via wikimedia) I tell my kids they can think anything they want, but there are some things they’d better not say. (image via wikimedia)

I told my daughters this morning that they’d need to take a sack lunch to school tomorrow, and they laughed at me.  I wasn’t expecting them to laugh.

It took me a moment to realize why they thought sack lunch was funny.  When I was their age (around 35 years ago), sack lunch wasn’t funny.  I carried a sack lunch to school every day, and nobody laughed.  I think I even called it a sack lunch.  Everybody called it that.  But somewhere along the way, kids picked up on the word sack, and a new source of humor was created.

Now I can’t say sack in front of my daughters; I have to say “brown paper bag.”  If I had two sons, maybe it wouldn’t matter much.  But…

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Which Holiday Foods are Healthier?


Christmas is coming soon and many family and friends  occasions events may come across as well, take a quick look on this report to find out some healthier choices compare to what you may be regularly take or used to take. Just compare and then choose whatever you gonna like the healthier choice or the preferable choice!!!!

No More Canned Cranberry Sauce and Skip the High Fructose Corn Syrup


For those who love home made dishes, don’t miss this cranberry home made sauce. There is no significant difference in calories only 20 calories less if you do it at home, but Vitamin C is zero if you get the ready to eat one while home made one is rich with Vitamin C. Moreover, you will be proud of serving this sauce to your partner or guests and of course you gonna enjoy the taste of difference!!!!

Emoji Everywhere 🎃

thanks for sharing this, nice to know. I did not know that those characters are Japanese.

The WordPress.com Blog

Emoji? What are they?

“Emoji” is a Japanese term meaning “picture character.” It’s a standard for showing smileys and other little symbols inside text. But unlike traditional smileys that are made up of a sequence of letters like :), every emoji has its own letter.

🌷 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼

Emoji blossomed on smartphones, where quickly picking out an emoji is often faster than typing out a long sentence.

Today we’re rolling out hundreds and hundreds of emoji across WordPress.com — 872 to be exact.


Do they look familiar? That’s because Twitter has graciously decided to open-source their entire set, allowing anyone to use them. We’re already busy preparing to add these to Jetpack, so WordPress.org users can join in the fun too.

Before today, emoji you inserted into your posts on the go wouldn’t always show properly for all your visitors. While the nice little bunny…

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Creative Storytelling: Five Ideas

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The Daily Post

Itching to do something different on your blog? Want to tell a story in a new way? Here are five quick ideas:

Use pages and links in fresh ways.

The bear blogging at Hello, I am a bear shows how you can use the standard features on your blog — posts, pages, links — to experiment with digital stories. Consider “You are a bear,” which uses links and pages in a choose-your-own-adventure tale. In the story, you make decisions from the point of view of a bear. The blogger — er, bear — cleverly creates various paths and different endings depending on your actions.

Combine forces with someone else.

We love the writer-artist collaboration between Virginia-based blogger Shelley Sackier and Sweden-based cartoonist Robin Gott on Shelley’s blog, Peak Perspective.

Illustration by Robin Gott, "Give Me the Straight Dope," Peak Perspective Illustration by Robin Gott, “Give Me the Straight Dope,”Peak Perspective

Shelley’s humor and strong voice and Robin’s…

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Module leader meeting

After weeks of working as group on smoking presentation slides, we had a meeting with the module leader Frances today to evaluate our work.

Me and my friends were very excited on what’s her evaluation and point of view on our slides will be look like. Indeed,  I thought I have done a great job seeking the articles and the websites looking for up to date smoking studies. but after she discussed the whole slides with us, I have discovered that should have be more accurate and specific in data searching.

I have learned today that reading an article or study is not what I need, but I need to do more effort to go deep and organize my search to fit my objectives.

every we learn some thing new!!!

PDP session

Last week I had my first group PDP session, it was a very nice chance to know other students from different countries, and having chat and discuss our main and major difficulties when we were first time have arrived in to Glasgow city. It seems that all of us have one similar difficulty which was the English accent :)), plus other different and personal difficulties.  for me I had a bad time with city council because in my country we do not have a Tax or even similar system, so it took my a quite long time to understand and cope with it,  plus that I was having difficulties to arrange city council visit and take permission from my Tutors to leave the class early or some times come late.

But from the other site, we all agreed that library at GCU is something un comparative to any were else!!! we all like it and enjoy research system.

PDP session last week was something different, take me a way from classes routine, I like when we share our skills, experience, difficulties, achievements and how we deal with it to improve our self.

Home made fried potato V Mcdonald fried potato

I have just posted an explanation about diffrent nutrients in home made potato V Mcdonald fried potato, nice compare from Health Castle.com. In deed, I was shocked with the huge content of saturated fat, sodium, and carbohydrates in Mcdonald fries compare to the one cook at home. I always knew that there is different but I never thought of this huge difference.
I recommend you to go through it, and encourage kids not to have on regular basis for their health.